Sayreville War Memorial High School and Middle School Athletic Registration

Complete Your Athletics Registration Online!

Please read and follow these steps carefully to be fully registered.

IMPORTANT: You are only Fully Cleared once ALL steps are completed.

Athletic Registration and School Registration are separate: if you are prompted to use a Student's ID you are in the wrong section.  You must create a new account here for Athletics. Please FOLLOW THE BELOW STEPS. You will use that account for Athletics Only in the Sayreville Public School System - Middle School throughout High School. 

Only ONE Family account is necessary for all family members. Do not create another account if you cannot access the current account.  Please contact the Athletic Director.

Step 1:  All HS and MS Athletes Must Register Online each season:  Click the icon at bottom of the page to register

Step 2: All athletes FOR EACH SEASON must submit a new Sayreville Athletic Health History Update form to the school Nurse. If the athlete needs an EpiPen or uses and Inhaler please download and print the Epinepherine Orders Form and Asthma-Treatment Plan Forms.  Please submit Hard Copies to the Nurse.

Athletes must have a current athletic physical exam on file in the Nurses' Office. Physicals are good for 364days from the date of your last physical. You can get the blank Physical Form HERE.


Online Registration Opens: (you MAY NOT register for that sport before the open date)


Fall: June 15th                            Winter: October 1st                         Spring: January 1st


Registration (online) and Sayreville Health History Form (Hard Copy to the Nurse) MUST be completed by the following dates for each season.

You may register online first and then complete the following steps.

If you need to submit a current Physical, please do so by the following dates to the Nurse or contact your coach if there is an issue: 

Registration Closes on the following Due Dates:

Fall:  July 15th 

Winter: November 1st  (Swimming and Bowling October 25th)

Spring: February 1st

(If dates fall on a weekend, we will open and accept registration and forms on following Monday)


Season Start Dates: (Tryouts are within the season start date)

***FALL 2020 only***
Pre-Participation  Physical  Evaluation  Formsmust be completed by any student who did not submit a sports physical for a Sayreville athletic team during the 2019-2020 year. Students with a physical on file for a sport from last year do not need to submit a new physical for the 2020 fall season only as per the DOE/NJSIAA

Winter and Spring 2020-2021 will still have to submit a new Physical.  So we encourage you to hand in a current physical when possible. 

Any student-athlete who does not have a physical examination on file, or whose physical examination will expire before the first day of their sport season, must complete the Physical Forms. If the physical examination will expire during the course of the season, the Physical Forms should be submitted once the new exam is performed.

Physical examinations are only good for 364 days from the date of the exam. If your child has a physical on file that is good for the upcoming season, attach a copy of the yellow clearance letter that was mailed home to your Sayreville Athletic Health History Update form in lieu of the Physical Forms. If a new physical must be completed, the parent and physician must complete the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation forms from the NJDOE and be cleared by the school Doctor before the start date to participate. 

High School Start Dates:                                                                                                                                       

Fall:   Football First Wednesday in August    All others: Second Monday in August                               

Winter:  Swimming and Bowling Second Monday in November      All others: The Monday before Thanksgiving

Spring:  The First Friday in March


Middle School Start Dates:

Fall:  Last full week of summer before Labor Day Weekend. (Date varies by sport - information provided to students in June -  or please contact the coach)

Winter:  The full week before Thanksgiving (Date varies by sport - information provided to students in June and October -  or please contact the coach)

Spring: The week after Presidents Weekend (Date varies by sport - information provided to students in June and January -  or please contact the coach)


After registration closes: Coaches will notify each athlete of their clearance status and provided Impact test Directions. Athletes should check with your coaches after registration closes but well in advance of the start of the season regarding your clearance to avoid any problems on the first day of practice.

Step 3:  Complete the Impact Test -

  • Once a student is registered the coach will provide Impact Test Directions
    • HS open time frames are from July 1st to March 15th. Athletes must complete this test once per school year.
    • MS open time frames are: After the student has been accepted on the team.  Once Per MS Career. 


Nurse information

Sayreville War Memorial HS Sayreville Middle School

Denise Brown
Email: denise.brown@sayrevillek12.net
Phone: 732 - 525 - 5200 x. 8101

Phone: 732 - 525 - 5200 x 7100

Ginny Kania
732 - 525 - 5200 x. 8100

Margaret Patierno
Email: margaret.patierno@sayrevillek12.net
Phone: 732 - 525 - 5200 x 7101


Please bring Physical Forms and Sayreville Health History Forms to the nurses' office during the school year.

All high school and middle school forms go to the high school during the summer- HIgh School Main office  - DropBox

Athletic Department Contacts:

Jenn Badami - Director of Athletics
Email: Jennifer.Badami@sayrevillek12.net
Phone: 732 525-5200 Ext 8125

Jolanta Raducha - Athletic Secretary
Phone: 732 525-5200 Ext 8120

Thomas Law - Athletic Trainer
Email: Thomas.Law@sayrevillek12.net
​Phone: 732 525-5200 Ext  8322